Welcome! The Stanford Lindy Project is the home for swing dance lovers at Stanford! We hold several (free!) social dances each quarter, teach weekly lessons, and spread the love of swing dancing throughout Stanford one dance at a time! Come hang out with us for a great time dancing and meeting fun people!


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Here is an wonderful infographic produced by the Holy Lindy Land team (design by Ron Dobrovinsky), based on a post by Bobby White, about lindy hopper etiquette. For more details, please see our code of conduct.



A note on partnered dance roles:

Partnered dance is often split into binary-gendered dance roles out of convenience, stereotypes, or a misunderstanding of history. SLP actively encourages dancers to express themselves outside of the gender binary and its expected dance roles through the following:

(1) Don’t assume someone leads or follows based on gender presentation. You can invite someone to dance by asking “Would you like to lead me/follow me in this song?” If you plan to switch roles within a single dance, clear it with your partner first!

(2) Wear ribbons (when available) to indicate a willingness to lead or follow or both that night; it will make finding a partner more efficient!

(3) Be respectful of a person’s chosen role for class or dance. Just because there is an imbalance of leads/follows or you know for sure they dance both roles, don’t pressure a dancer to take a role they don’t want or offer that night.