Announcing BASIE 2016: A Berkeley-Stanford Lindy Exchange!

Berkeley’s Lindy on Sproul and Stanford Lindy Project are excited to present the 2016 edition of BASIE: the Bay Area Swing Intercollegiate Exchange!

Friday night, head to Berkeley for a special Lindy at Night, starting at 6pm with a lesson on musicality taught by Calvin and Sam. Social dancing starts at 9pm, and be sure to catch the awesome performances! RSVP here.

Stick around Saturday afternoon for some casual dancing on Sproul Plaza, then head south to Stanford in time for the super special 2-hour workshop on the Caribbean Shim Sham, starting at 7pm! You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to learn this fun twist on our beloved traditional Frankie Manning original, as choreographed by the sensational Remy Kouakou-Kouame! Social dancing starts at 9pm. RSVP here.


Friday @ Berkeley: Lindy in Bloom
6-8pm : Musicality lesson with Calvin and Sam! (234 Hearst Gym)
8-9pm : Lindy at Night beginner and intermediate lessons (Sproul Plaza)
9pm-midnight : DJ’ed dance (Sproul Plaza). Performances by [M]ovement Swing and Sproul Stompers!

Saturday @ Berkeley: Lindy on Sproul
11:45am-12:30pm : beginner and intermediate lessons
12:30-2:30pm : social dancing

Saturday @ Stanford: Saturday Night Swing Fever
7-9pm : special workshop with Audrey on the Caribbean Shim Sham!
9pm-midnight : DJ’ed dance. Performances TBD!


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