Code of Conduct

Stanford Lindy Project is dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable space for everyone. To that end, we ask every person at our events —  all community members, volunteers, instructors, visitors, organizers, etc. —  to follow these rules:

  1. Be inclusive. Our mission is to create a warm community of social dancers where everyone can enjoy themselves doing something they love. Everyone is encouraged to dance with people of all abilities and walks of life. We will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of sex, gender expression or sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality, regardless of age, ability, physical appearance, lifestyle, dance experience, or dance role.
  2. Respect your partner, your fellow dancers, and yourself. Please ask politely for a dance and wait to receive consent before escorting someone to the dance floor. Be gracious if turned down. Every person has the right to decline an invitation without providing a reason, but please be polite when doing so. Be mindful of what physical space and connection your partner is comfortable with; acknowledge that the personal boundaries of others may not be the same as our own. Refrain from providing feedback unless you are specifically asked. If you accidentally bump someone during a dance or unintentionally cross a person’s boundaries, apologize immediately. If you are sick, please take the night off.
  3. Maintain a safe space for everyone. We absolutely do not tolerate harassment or assault of any form, whether that be physical, verbal, or psychological. This includes verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination such as intimidation, stalking, repeated unwanted attention (in-person or online), unwanted photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, or unwelcome sexual advances. Offenders may be banned permanently at the discretion of the hosts. If you experience or witness a violation of this, please report to any of our safe space advocates (Audrey, Cindy, and Elise) or contact
  4. Practice good hygiene. Pack a few spare shirts if you tend to sweat more. Bring breath mints or chew gum, especially if you’ve just had a particularly odor-heavy meal.
  5. Be responsible for everyone’s safety. Practice floorcraft: you and your partner are both responsible for protecting yourselves and each other during the dance. Do not throw down aerials on the social dance floor. If your motor control and judgment are impaired due to heavy inebriation or being under the influence, we will ask you to leave.

How to report issues or concerns:

If you ever feel uncomfortable, harassed, or assaulted, please reach out to us virtually at, or approach one of our designated Safe Space Advocates in person. We take any violation of the code of conduct detailed above, big or small, very seriously. Our first priority is for everyone to have a good time in a safe and comfortable space, and we will do everything we can to support you.

Safe Space Advocates